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About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Dominik 🤝

I'm a self-proclaimed “Venture Athlete” & a jack of all trades.

I spend my days hanging out at my desk, in the gym, on the Lacrosse field, or at the bar. Cities vary.

A snapshot of my life:

  • International Expansion consultant for startups, where I help Series A tech companies expand in Europe
  • Lacrosse player in Germany's first division, the Czech national league, and formerly for the German Men's National team
  • Co-Founder of a small bootstrapped impact company called Linguedo
  • Writer of a pretty cool newsletter
  • Airport & Train nerd
  • Connoisseur of freshly poured draft beers, particularly Czech pilsners

Companies I've worked with or for:

This is my story:

[1] The Past

For the last 7 years, I helped bootstrap one startup from 0 to 1M in revenue and built the international business from scratch for one of Europe’s fastest growing EdTech companies (50 -> 240 employees in my three years there).

All while competing at the highest level of the beautiful sport of Lacrosse, including an appearance for the German National Team at the 2022 World Games (the Olympics’ little brother).

While my professional achievements may seem more impressive on paper, representing Germany on an international stage is the feat that I’m most proud of.

I wasn’t very athletic up until my mid-twenties. Very little talent, but a lot of injuries to make up for it.

Until one day, I started working with a personal trainer. He helped me break down the fundamentals I needed to fix.

I worked hard, and I worked consistently. Showed up to every practice, every gym session. Did my recovery & mobility work daily.

4 years later, I made the national team roster.

The potential was in me. But it needed help unlocking.

Throughout my entire career, I’ve also helped humans unlock their potential, just in different ways:

  • By teaching people in rural Rwanda and Brazilian homeless shelter how to make glasses for less than $1, and how to build a business around it
  • By bringing unemployed nurses from Italy to Germany and teaching them German, opening a completely different career path for them
  • By expanding the leading operating system for schools throughout Europe, so that education becomes more digital and thus accessible
  • By writing about my experiences online and sharing them with the world


  • hundreds of world-class humans read my newsletter
  • 13,000 schools now use state-of-the-art digital tools
  • ~50 more ICU beds were available during the COVID pandemic in Germany
  • more than 350 nurses have a career in Germany that previously lived with their parents, wasting their talents away
  • more than 200k glasses have been sold to people in Rwanda & Brazil who previously couldn’t have afforded any

My mission is to build a company that creates companies to empower humans to unlock their potential.

Just like my personal trainer did for me.

[2] The Present & Future

In late 2023, I made the decision to quit my cozy, well-paid, full-time job that fit my profile perfectly.

I quit when the fit stopped existing: I was asked to specialize in one thing. Which kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

Like many generalists, I like variety. A lot of it. So much, in fact, that it's really difficult to get that in just one job (except for when they encompass a lot of disciplines, like running international expansion).

I had found a new calling: making a career as generalist in a specialized economy.

Now, I'm on a journey towards building a portfolio of cashflow-positive, impact-driven businesses - while living the life of an athlete.

Doing all this requires precise time management, relentless execution, and strong discipline.

This is what I write about on my newsletter, broken down into four categories:

  1. Time & Productivity Management: time is the most valuable asset we have. Let’s use it to the most.
  2. Entrepreneurship: making money is paramount to achieving your goals and building a fulfilling life. Entrepreneurship is my vehicle of choice.
  3. Athletic Lifestyle: sports is the most powerful keystone habit out there and translates to all other areas of life. I live like an athlete.
  4. Systems: consistency is key to achieving any goal. Systems help to maintain that consistency.

I wish that some of the best portfolio company owners turned creators turned athletes had documented their journey from day 1, and not retrospectively.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I write for ambitious amateurs and jacks-of-all-trades like myself, who want to make a living in a specialized economy without specializing themselves.

(With a healthy dose of sports sprinkled in.)

You can do more than one thing in your life.

Let’s design that life together.

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