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Expand your business to new markets.

Expand your business to new markets.
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash
Increase your revenue by adding new geographies & set yourself up strategically for the future.

You've established yourself in your core market.

You've acquired sufficient funding for your next growth stage.

And now, your investors are telling you:

"You should expand internationally."

More countries = more revenue = better. Right?


The biggest issue with international expansion of startups is that they lose focus.

Expanding to new markets, new countries, new cultures isn't easy. It's much harder than anyone would imagine.

It takes a strategic shift in the company to become a global player.

That's hard.

So when you make the decision to expand internationally, you have two options:

  1. Hire or assign a business development manager to this "project"
  2. Work with a consultancy to develop an international expansion strategy

Sdui - my former employer - chose the first option: hire someone (me) to run their international expansion. At that point, I had built an (international) company before, but never properly expanded into several new markets.

So we made every mistake in the book.

Which is simply what happens if you've never done it before: you make mistakes, and you learn.

It's slow, it's ineffective, but eventually, it'll work.

Or you could go with the second option: work with a consultancy.

Here's what will happen:

  • They will develop a strategy for you (eg. which markets you should tackle, what the demographics look like, which entry strategy you should use)
  • After handing you a sleek-looking slide deck, they'll disappear

Now you have a strategy.

But international expansion isn't just about strategy.

It's mostly about execution.

What they don't mention in the slide deck is:

  • That your company culture will have to change drastically
  • How you'll hire your first employees abroad
  • What an expansion team should look like
  • How you'll adjust your sales processes for each market
  • Why localization is incredibly important

And that's just scratching the surface.

What if there was a better way?

What if you could internalize international expansion, but work with someone to guide you through the entire process?

You could - by working with me.

I'm Dominik.

I joined Sdui as employee number 50, right after their Series A. The challenge at hand: turn this regional company into a global player.

Fast forward three years, and:

  • The company is now active in five new markets (Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, France)
  • Three acquisitions have been added to the company portfolio
  • 240 instead of 50 employees work there
  • We've grown to multi-million ARR internationally

I also speak five languages fluently, have built several businesses, and advised others on their international expansion.

As a well-known writer in the EdTech space recently put it:

[He] asked me if I knew anyone who might be able to support them as they begin to explore the market in Germany. You [Dominik] were, of course, the first person I thought of.

In my time at Sdui I've built a framework to expand business internationally and have tested this with other companies. It simply works.

If we were to work together, here's what it'd look like:

  1. We analyze whether you're ready to expand internationally at all
  2. We look at markets together and identify the first one to expand into
  3. Based on a more detailed analysis, we determine an entry strategy
  4. We test this entry strategy
  5. If it works, we'll start building out the local team as well as the internal functions needed. I'll show you how.
  6. If it doesn't, we'll pick a different strategy and go from there.
  7. Until, eventually, you have successfully set up your new market.

From there, you should be able to do it yourself.

The Offer

Let me be fully transparent: this stuff (mostly) ain't free.

Here's what I can offer:

International Expansion Readiness Assessment: free.

Let's hop on a 45-minute call and have a chat about your needs. We'll also go through a checklist to determine whether you have the main pillars in place to go international.

One-off consulting or workshops: 2,500 € + VAT / day.

I come in for a day, and together, we bang out an internationalization strategy for your company. Price includes preparation and documentation.

Monthly retainer: starting at 3,000 € + VAT / month.

I accompany you through your internationalization journey from start to finish - or however far you want to go. No commitments, just monthly contracts.

This way, you can have the best of both worlds: operational experience without the price of a strategy consultancy.

Full-time work: ok, we would have to negotiate this.

If you want your internationalization done for you, I might be open to come in and run your efforts, just like I did at Sdui.

Ready to get started?

Then go to this link, and book a call for your International Expansion Readiness Assessment.